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“Excellent work” for Captain Richard Henry Martin

June 25th, 2010 · Customer Testimonials

Again I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did on my propellers.  In fact they looked so nice it was questionable if I should put them in the water under the boat.

However I did have Nick put them back on.  When finished I headed out fourteen mile slew for the channel.  Once on the channel I took my boat up to what sounded to me from past times to the speed of 9 knots.  When I looked at my tack I was going 13-1/2 to 14 knots.  After adjusting to that pleasant surprise I focused on boat vibrations but could not feel what I thought was normal prior to the propellers being tuned.  What you told me about the CUPPING of the propellers also made a large difference in what the boat did when I pushed the throttles forward.  There was not the same size hole for the stern to drop into as before.  Last but not the least is the engine noise was more quiet now.

Thank you for taking the time to explain and show me what the propellers were and where they are now.

“Richard Henry” Martin – Captain

Martin’s Vineyard