Lee Bradford sent us the email to the right. Lee is Captain of the John Martin, a research vessel used for various projects by Moss Landing Marine Labs in the Monterey Bay.


We had to repair the port prop a second time because the John Martin found a large log in the middle of the Monterey Bay.

From: Lee Bradford [mailto:lbradford@mlml.calstate.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 8:54 AM
To: Steve Thomas
Subject: Re: Boat Performance


    Hi.  The props worked great.  After repairing the port prop the second time (ouch!) we once again have no discernible vibration from the running gear.  This has not been the case in the past couple of years so we are very pleased with the PROP-SCAN based technology.  I think we can safely say that the boat has never run so smoothly and is most likely quicker, but this last is hard to pin down as we did some hull modifications at the same time that you trued the props.  Nevertheless, we are getting 18-19 knots at 1800 turns which is good performance on this boat as she is presently configured.  She is roughly 55X17 feet and displacing 30 tons or so.  The boat is running a little heavy due to our having installed a flying bridge, mast, A-frame, oceanographic winch and swim step since she came into our possession.





I just wanted to let you know I took the boat out for a short ride yesterday and the prop worked great.  I'll be taking it out for a longer ride this coming weekend to verify everything is OK.   I made about 16kts at 3100 RPM which is where I should be. As far as WOT it made about 3650 RPM, same as the old prop. 

Thanks for your great service! I appreciate working with someone that knows what they are talking about.  I will pass along your shop name to anyone I know needing prop service.


Captain Paul Zahra
US Merchant Marine Officer
Auxiliary Coxswain

Paul Zahra's Boat


The picture above shows Paul Zahra's boat in the slings. The email to left is from Paul.

June 18th 2006

The Email to the right is from another happy customer; Jerry Brooks runs a "Six Pack" charter service out of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor.





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From: Gerry Brooks [mailto:fish@reelsportfishingsc.com]

Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 2:45 PM

To: Steve Thomas

Subject: Re: Prop Assessment Submission

Hi Steve, thanks for getting back to me. The prop is unbelievable. I gained 4kts at the same rpm I was normally cruising at. Plus it smoothed out almost

all vibrations. Next year I think I'll put in a new prop shaft also. It has some pitting starting to show, and I think thats where the tiny bit of vibration I get is coming from. I couldn't be happier. Your the man. If I could, I think I would make you a Saint.

I want to order up a back up prop also. I have the print out you sent me, and when I'm ready I'll give you a call. Thanks again.

Captain Gerry Brooks

Reel Sportfishing Santa Cruz


Subject: RE: Prop Assessment Submission> Hi Gerry, How is the boat running? How much speed did you pick up?

> Steve

> Thomas Marine Propeller Inc.

The above photo shows a propeller success story we are proud of. The Captain of the Pacific Star (pictured at the right) had become frustrated because he was unable to load his engine and was tired of "fixes and guess work" he had experienced when working with other propeller companies in the Bay Area. Thomas Marine Propeller took the time to listen and gather the information that would allow our Prop Scan equipment to do the job it was designed for. Captain John sent an email after sea trials and told us that we are the only Marine Propeller Company he would recommend.

The Pacific Star at Gravelle's Boat Yard in Moss Landing, CA


       Yes, we do high performance  tuning
       on stainless steel that gets results!!!


Since opening on  June 15, 2003 we have done repair, re-pitching, and welding on about *2324 Marine Propellers ranging in size from 10" two blades to 74" four blades in Nickel Bronze Aluminum, Manganese Bronze, and Stainless Steel. 

 *(updated 07/21/2007)