Our Work

A precision setup is done for each marine
propeller because it assures a quality repair


A properly matched set

Before and After

This is one of a pair of props for the Sara Reed.

The Sara Reed is a tug used by The Dutra group for various marine construction projects.

We had to gear up for this pair of 74″ diameter stainless steel props.

We are now able to repair and tune up to 120 ” diameter props with the precision that gives better performance and fuel savings.

Before and After

The Dutra Group is a Marine Construction Company that runs a fleet of workboats and tugs in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento River Delta. They needed quick turn around on propeller repair for one of their workboats. We picked up the propeller on a Wednesday and delivered the finished job on Friday at noon so Dutra could get their workboat back in the water. We were thanked for the quick turn around, and told that the propeller “looked like it was new”.

These before and after pictures show the dramatic difference in appearance after repairs, tuning, and finishing. What you cannot see is the absolute precision that Prop Scan allows Thomas Marine Propeller to Tune to. Precision means performance, no vibration, better fuel usage, quieter running, and HAPPY BOAT OWNERS.

Click on the thumbnails above to view pictures. These are various shots from our shop and travels to and from our boat yard customers in Northern California.